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Looking for a Certain Photoshoot from a Certain Year?

Check here and See if We Have it!

~*~The NewS Scans Project~*~
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This is basically a community that I made in order to properly "timeline" all the photoshoots NewS has ever made. I can't say that I'm going to SUCCEED in my goal. But I will try. ^_^

1. I will be the only posting, but comments are definitely welcome! Especially when we get to the point where there ARE no dates and I'll need EVERYONE'S help in trying to figure out when which photoshoot takes place.
2. Please, don't worry about taking the pictures. I only upload those that are "allowed" so to speak.
3. When taking, don't credit me, but credit news_jpop, boys_paper, Hadaka no Johnny's, No Many More, Love & Idols or Vendy. Those are my top sources for getting scans. (Oh, and DEFINITELY CAN'T forget about individual websites for the NewS members. They were EXTREMELY helpful. ^_^)
4. Some of the pictures may be resized (imageshack does that to me with REALLY HQ scans.) I will say if I have it in HQ and if you are free to request me to upload them on some other server in order to get the HQ version.
5. Please don't rush me to get to a certain member. My folders are still messy at this point, and I move at my own pace. @.@ Sorry.
6. Just ENJOY the pictures! And contribute if you know the dates! ^_^

- boys_paper
If you'd like to affiliate with the project, do email me at elementsky01@hotmail.com. Or just drop a comment in the open comment box. ^_^